Enterprise PBX

Imagine a single high-availability PBX for your entire corporate enterprise. No more need to purchase and maintain individual systems for each site in your network. Each branch office, remote agent or broker is an extension on the Enterprise PBX no matter where they are located, allowing for free calling and simplified communications between sites. Enterprise PBX also provides voice disaster recovery call fail-over routing to back-up sites in the event of an extended site outage. Increase the professional appearance of your company with our high-end features such as message on hold, auto attendant and voice mail.

Enterprise PBX will save your company 50 to 70% on equipment and 30% to 50% on local, long distance, fax, Internet and VPN services. Luminosity will provide a FREE cost assessment analysis to show you the actual savings and ROI of the Enterprise PBX. Enterprise PBX is the only phone system investment that will provide your company with a cash return on your investment within six months to a year.

SERVICES Hosted PBX Local & Long Distance.
Broadband & T1 Data VPN or Private Networks
Wiring & Installation
IP Phones, Routers, Switches,
Wireless Maintenance Support

FEATURES Auto Attendant, Music/Video on Hold,
Hunt Groups & Call Center ACDs,
Computer Telephony Integration,
Voice Mail & Unified Messaging
E-Mail & Domain Hosting
Conferencing & Web Meeting Follow Me,
Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Caller ID,
Page, Message Groups

BENEFITS: Save 30% to 50% each month on PBX
features without the PBX cost. Keep your existing
numbers. Leverage your existing investments. Improve
business presentations. Improve worker productivity. Improve
voice disaster recovery. Reduce vendor management.
Upgrade to new digital phones.
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Single Site Topology
Savings Topology
Voice Disaster Recovery

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